Using GUI to Set AP's Mode of Operation

To manually set the AP's mode of operation using its GUI:

  1. Access the AP's GUI through a Web browser (http://<AP-IP-ADDRESS>).
    Point the Web browser to the AP's Primary or Secondary (ZEROCONF) IP address.
    Primary IP address - This is the DHCP provided IP address.
    Secondary IP address - This is the ZEROCONF IP address '169.254. xx.yy'. Where, 'xx' and 'yy' are the last two octets of the AP's MAC address in decimal format. Note, the AP's MAC address will be printed on the box.

    For example:

    If AP's MAC address is: 00:C0:23:00:F0:0A

    The secondary IP address will be:

    You will be presented with the following screen:
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  2. Click the Standalone button to move into the Standalone/WiNG mode.
    The following screen displays:
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  3. After the AP has rebooted, use the following default credentials to login:

    username: admin

    password: admin123