Restarting Adopted Devices

Controllers and service platforms can restart their adopted access points as needed for firmware upgrades or other administrative activities. access points set in Controller AP mode also have the ability to restart adopted peer model access points.



The Adopted Device Restart tab is not available at the RF Domain level of the UI‘s hierarchal tree. A RF Domain must be selected and expanded to display the RF Domain‘s member devices. Once expanded, selected a RF Domain member device to ensure the Adopted Device Restart option is available.

To restart one or mode adopted access points:

  1. Select the Operations > Devices > Adopted AP Restart.

    Click to expand in new window
  2. The Adopted AP Restart table displays the following information for each Adopted AP:


    Displays the administrator assigned hostname for each known access point.

    MAC Address

    Displays the factory assigned Media Access Control (MAC) or hardware address for each known access point.


    Displays the access point model number for each adopted access point.


    Displays the current firmware version for each adopted access point.


    Lists the administrator defined reason an adopted device has been queued for a restart.

  3. To restart one or more access points, select the checkbox to the left of each AP and set the following options:

    Force Reload

    To force a reload of an access point (or multiple access points), select the Force Reload checkbox next to the target AP.

    Delay (Seconds)

    Specify the amount of time, in seconds, before the access point restart is executed. Setting a delay time is recommended when an access point load cannot be assumed by a neighbor AP until a known time in the near future.


    Displays a message relating to the access point's current adoption.

    Reload Status

    Click the Reload Status button next to each adopted access point to display each device's current status information.