RSA Key Management

Refer to the RSA Keys screen to review existing RSA key configurations applied to controller, service platform or access point managed devices. If an existing key does not meet the needs of a pending certificate request, generate a new key or import/export an existing key to and from a remote location.

Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman (RSA) is an algorithm for public key cryptography. It's an algorithm that can be used for certificate signing and encryption. When a device trustpoint is created, the RSA key is the private key used with the trustpoint.

To review existing device RSA key configurations, generate additional keys or import/export keys to and from remote locations:

  1. Select RSA Keys tab from the Certificate Management screen.

    Click to expand in new window
  2. Select a listed device to review its current RSA key configuration.

    Each key can have its size and character syntax displayed. Once reviewed, optionally generate a new RSA key, import a key from a selected device, export a key to a remote location or delete a key from a selected device.

  3. Select Generate Key to create a new key with a defined size.

  4. Define the following configuration parameters required for the Import of the key:

    Key Name

    Enter the 32 character maximum name assigned to the RSA key.

    Key Size

    Use the spinner control to set the size of the key (from 1,024 - 2,048 bits). Consider leaving this value at the default setting to ensure optimum functionality.

  5. Select OK to generate the RSA key. Select Cancel to revert the screen to its last saved configuration.