Use the Application screen to create custom application definitions.



The WiNG 7.1.X release does not support third-party DPI engine on the AP5XX model access points. WiNG 7.X.X supports EAA (Extreme Application Analytics) (Purview™) DPI engine on the WiNG 7.X.X APs. For more information, refer the WiNG 7.1.2 CLI Reference guide, available at

To create a user-defined application:

  1. Select Configuration → Network → Application.
    The Application screen displays. This screen lists the application configurations defined thus far.
    Click to expand in new window
  2. Refer to the following to determine whether a application requires creation, modification or deletion:
    Name Displays the name of each user-defined application created using this application interface.
    Category Lists the category to which each listed user-defined application belongs.
    Application Description Lists the 80 character maximum description administratively assigned to each listed user-defined application.
  3. Select Add to create a new application configuration, Edit to modify the attributes of a selected application or Delete to remove obsolete applications from the list of those available.
    Click to expand in new window
  4. If creating a new user-defined application type, assign it a Name up to 32 characters. Ensure you do not create confusion by naming a user-defined application with the same name as an existing application appearing the Application Policy screen.
  5. Use the Category list to classify the application. Select the appropriate pre-defined category or select custom to create a custom classification for the application.
  6. Provide an 80 character maximum Application Description to each new user-defined application to further differentiate it from existing applications.
  7. Refer to the Application Definition field to assign either a network service alias, predefined URL list or set of HTTPS parameters to the user-defined application.
    Network Service Use the drop-down menu to select an existing network service alias for the user-defined application. If there are no existing network service alias suited to this new user-defined application, select the Create icon to define a new alias or the Edit icon to modify an existing one. Provide or modify a 32 character maximum name, along with a protocol type or number and source and destination port value. Up to four (4) service aliases can be supported.
    URL List defined application. URL lists are utilized for whitelisting and blacklisting Web application URLs from being launched and consuming bandwidth within the WiNG managed network. If no URL list suits this new user-defined application, select the Create icon to define a new list or the Edit icon to modify an existing URL list.
    HTTPS Select the + Add Row button to populate the table with configurable rows for HTTPS parameter type, attribute type, match criteria for the HTTPS server name and 64 character maximum server name attribute used in the HTTPS server message exchange.
  8. Select OK to save the updates to the user-defined application configuration.

    Select Reset to revert to the last saved configuration.