Certificate Management

If not wanting to use an existing key or certificate, a stored certificate can be leveraged from a peer controller, service platform or access point. Device certificates can be imported and exported to a secure remote location for archive and retrieval as they are required for application to other managed devices.

To configure trustpoints for use with certificates:

  1. Select Operations > Manage Certificates.

  2. Select a device from amongst those displayed in either the RF Domain or Network panes on the left-hand side of the screen.

    Click to expand in new window

    The Manage Certificates screen displays for the selected MAC address.

  3. Select a device from amongst those displayed to review its certificate.

  4. Refer to the All Certificate Details to review the certificate's properties, self-signed credentials, validity period and CA information.

  5. To import a certificate to the controller or service platform, select the Import button from the bottom of the Manage Certificates screen.

    An Import New Trustpoint screen displays where CA certificates, CRLs and signed certificates can optionally be imported to the controller or service platform once the network credentials of the file transfer have been defined.