Setting the DHCPv6 Server Policy

DHCPv6 is a networking protocol for configuring IPv6 hosts with IP addresses, IP prefixes or other configuration attributes required on an IPv6 network.

DHCPv6 servers pass IPv6 network addresses to IPv6 clients. The DHCPv6 address assignment feature manages non-duplicate addresses in the correct prefix based on the network where the host is connected. Assigned addresses can be from one or multiple pools. Additional options, such as the default domain and DNS name-server address, can be passed back to the client. Address pools can be assigned for use on a specific interface or on multiple interfaces, or the server can automatically find the appropriate pool.



DHCPv6 server updates are only implemented when the controller, service platform or service platform is restarted.

Refer to the following for more information on configuring the DHCPv6 Server Policy parameters:

To access and review the local DHCPv6 server configuration:

  1. Select Configuration > Services > DHCPv6 Server Policy.
    The DHCPv6 Server Policy screen displays.
    Click to expand in new window
    DHCPv6 Server Policy Screen
  2. Review the following DHCPv6 server configurations (at a high level) to determine whether a new server policy requires creation, an existing policy requires modification or an existing policy requires deletion:
    DHCPv6 Server Policy Name The name assigned to each DHCPv6 server policy when it was initially created. The name assigned to a DHCPv6 server policy cannot be modified as part of the policy edit process. However, obsolete policies can be deleted, copied (archived) or renamed as needed.
    Restrict Vendor Options A green checkmark within this column means this policy has been set to restrict vendor DHCP options. A red "X" defines the policy as accepting all DHCP vendor options. Vendor specific DHCPv6 options apply only to the vendor class defined.
    Server Preferences Lists the server preference (from 0 - 255) specified for each DHCPv6 server policy. The default value is 0.
  3. Select Add to create a new DHCPv6 server policy, choose an existing policy and select the Edit button to modify the policy‘s properties, or choose an existing policy and select Delete to remove the policy from those available.
    Adding or Editing a DHCP server policy displays the DHCPv6 Server Policy Name screen by default.