ACL - Dynamic Root Selection Configuration

  1. Click the Auto Channel Selection tab to configure the parameters for the MeshConnex Auto Channel Selection policy.
    Click to expand in new window
    Mesh Point Auto Channel Selection Screen - Dynamic Root Selection Tab

    The Dynamic Root Selection screen displays by default. This screen provides configuration for the 2.4 GHz and 5.0/4.9 GHz frequencies.

  2. Refer to the following for more information on the Auto Channel Selection → Dynamic Root Selection screen. These descriptions are common for configuring the 2.4 GHZ and 5.0/4.9 GHz frequencies.

    Channel Width

    Set the channel width the meshpoint‘s automatic channel scan assigns to the selected radio. Available options include:

    • Automatic – The channel width is calculated automatically. This is the default value.

    • 20 MHz – Sets the width between adjacent channels as 20 MHz.

    • 40 MHz – Sets the width between adjacent channels as 40 MHz.

    Priority Meshpoint

    Configure the meshpoint monitored for automatic channel scans. This is the meshpoint assigned priority over other available mesh points. When configured, a mesh connection is established with this mesh point. If not configured, a meshpoint is automatically selected.

    Off-channel Duration

    Set the duration (from 20 - 250 milliseconds) the scan dwells on each channel when performing an off channel scan. The default is 50 milliseconds.

    Off-channel Scan Frequency

    Set the duration (from 1- 60 seconds) between two consecutive off channel scans. The default is 6 seconds.

    Meshpoint Root: Sample Count

    Configure the number of scan samples (from 1- 10) for data collection before a mesh channel is selected. The default is 5.

    Meshpoint Root: Channel Hold Time

    Configure the duration (from 0 - 1440 minutes) to remain on a channel before channel conditions are reassessed for a possible channel change. Set this value to zero (0) to prevent an automatic channel selection from occurring. The default setting is 30 minutes.

  3. Click OK to save the changes made to the mesh point configuration.

    Click Reset to revert to the last saved configuration.