Monitor Interval

To override the critical resource monitoring interval configuration:

  1. Select the Monitor Interval tab.
    Click to expand in new window
    Critical Resources Screen - Monitor Interval Tab
  2. Use Monitor Interval screen to set the duration, in seconds, between two successive pings to the critical resource.

    Select a duration between 5 and 86,400 seconds. The default setting is 30 seconds.

  3. Use Source IP for Port-Limited Monitoring to define the IP address used as the source address in ARP packets used to detect a critical resource on a layer 2 interface.

    Generally, the source address is used in the ARP packets used to detect critical resources. However, some devices do not support that IP address and drop the ARP packets. Use this field to provide an IP address specifically used for this purpose. The IP address used for Port-Limited Monitoring must be different from the IP address configured on the device.

  4. Use Monitor Retry Count to set the number of retry connection attempts (1 - 10) permitted before this device connection is defined as down (offline).

    The default setting is three connection attempts.

  5. Click OK to save the and monitor interval changes.

    Click Reset to revert to the last saved configuration.