View Sessions

The View Sessions displays a list of all sessions associated with this device. A session is created when a user name/password combination is used to access the device to interact with it for any purpose. Use the following to view a list of sessions associated with this device:

  1. Select Diagnostics > Advanced > View Sessions

  2. Click to expand in new window
    Advanced - View Sessions screen
  3. Refer to the following table for more information on the fields displayed in this screen:
    Cookie Displays the number of cookies created by this session.
    From Displays the IP address of the device/process initiating this session.
    Role Displays the role assigned to the user name as displayed in the User column.
    Start Time Displays the start time of this session. This is the time at which the user successfully created this session.
    User Displays the user name of the account used to initiate this session.
  4. To remove a listed session, select the check box before session, then select Delete.