Passpoint Policy

A passpoint policy provides a mechanism by which devices can select the correct network by querying for information from the available networks and then deciding which network to associate with. A passpoint policy is associated to a WLAN to enable the WLAN to provide hotspot services.

Passpoint makes connecting to Wi-Fi networks easier by authenticating the user with an account based on an existing relationship, such as the user's mobile carrier or broadband ISP.

A passpoint policy contains configuration that enables a client to query a network for information such as WAN metric, domain names and other relevant information. Only relevant information is presented to the client which enables it to decide with network to join.

To administrate and manage existing passpoint policies:

  1. Select Configuration → Wireless.

  2. Select Passpoint Policy from the Wireless node on the left-hand of the screen.

    Click to expand in new window
  3. Refer to the following configuration data for existing passpoint policies:


    Displays the administrator assigned name of each passpoint policy.

    Access Network Type

    Displays the network access permissions the administrator has set for the passpoint policy.

    Operator Name

    Displays the unique name assigned to the administrator or operator responsible for the configuration and operation of the hotspot.

    Venue Name

    Displays the administrator assigned name of the venue or physical location of the deployed hotspot.

  4. Select Add to define a new passpoint policy, or select an existing policy and select Edit to modify its configuration. Existing policies can be selected and deleted, copied, or renamed as needed.