Setting the DNS Whitelist Configuration

A DNS whitelist is used in conjunction with a captive portal to provide captive portal services to wireless clients. Use the DNS whitelist parameter to create a set of allowed destination IP addresses within the captive portal. These allowed IP addresses are called the Whitelist. To effectively host captive portal pages on an external Web server, the IP address of the destination Web server(s) should be in the whitelist. Each supported access point model can support up to 32 whitelists.

To define a DNS whitelist:

  1. Select Configuration > Services > DNS Whitelist.
    The DNS Whitelist screen displays those existing whitelists available to a captive portal.
  2. Select Add to create a whitelist, Edit to modify a selected whitelist, or Delete to remove a whitelist.
  3. To create a whitelist, assign it a name up to 32 characters.
    Use the + Add Row button to populate the whitelist table with Host and IP Index parameters that must be defined for each whitelist entry.
    Click to expand in new window
    DNS Whitelist Screen
  4. Provide a numerical IP address or Hostname within the DNS Entry parameter for each destination IP address or host in the whitelist.
  5. Use the Match Suffix parameter to match any hostname or domain name as a suffix.
    The default setting is disabled.
  6. If necessary, select the radio button of an existing whitelist entry and select the - Delete icon to remove the entry from the whitelist.
  7. Click OK when completed to update the whitelist screen.
    Click Reset to revert the screen to its last saved configuration.