Import an RSA Key

Controllers, service platforms and access point can import RSA keys utilized by other devices.

To Import an RSA Key:

  1. Select RSA Keys tab from the Certificate Management screen.

  2. To optionally import an RSA key, select Import from the Certificate Management → RSA Keys screen.
    Click to expand in new window
    Certificate Management - Import New RSA Key Screen
  3. Define the following parameters required for the Import of the RSA key:

    Key Name Enter the 32-character maximum name assigned to identify the RSA key.
    Key Passphrase Define the key used by both the controller or service platform and the server (or repository) of the target RSA key. Click Show expose the actual characters used in the passphrase. When Show is not selected, the passphrase displays as a series of asterisks (****).
    URL Provide the complete URL to the location of the RSA key. If needed, click Advanced to expand the dialog to display network address information to the location of the target key. The number of additional fields that populate the screen is dependent on the selected protocol.
    Advanced/Basic Select either Advanced or Basic to switch between a basic URL and an advanced location to specify key location.
    Protocol Select the protocol used for importing the target key. Available options include:
    • tftp
    • ftp
    • sftp
    • http
    • cf
    • usb1-4
    Port Set the port. This option is not valid for cf and usb1-4.
    Host Provide the hostname string or numeric IP address of the server used to import the RSA key. Hostnames cannot include an underscore character. This option is not valid for cf and usb1-4.

    Select IPv4 Address to use an IPv4 formatted address as the host. Select IPv6 Address to use an IPv6 formatted address as the host. IPv6 provides enhanced identification and location information for computers on networks routing traffic across the Internet. IPv6 addresses are composed of eight groups of four hexadecimal digits separated by colons.

    Path/File Specify the path to the RSA key. Enter the complete relative path to the key on the server.
  4. Select OK to import the defined RSA key. Select Cancel to revert the screen to its last saved configuration.