Adding and Editing Bridge NAT Configuration

  1. Select Add to create a new Bridge VLAN configuration, Edit to modify an existing configuration or Delete to remove a configuration.
    Click to expand in new window
    Profile Security - Dynamic NAT screen
  2. Select the ACL whose IP rules are to be applied to this policy based forwarding rule. A new ACL can be defined by selecting the Create icon, or an existing set of IP ACL rules can be modified by selecting the Edit icon.
  3. Use the IP Address Range table to configure IP addresses and address ranges that can used to access the Internet.


    Lists the outgoing layer 3 interface on which traffic is re-directed. The interface can be an access point WWAN or PPPoE interface. Traffic can also be redirected to a designated VLAN.

    NAT Pool

    Displays the NAT pool used by this Bridge NAT entry. A value is only displayed only when Overload Type has been set to NAT Pool.

    Overload IP

    Lists the IP address used to represent a large number local addresses for this configuration.

    Overload Type

    Displays the override type for this policy based forwarding rule.

  4. Select + Add Row to set the IP Address Range settings for the Bridge NAT configuration.
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    Profile Security - Source Dynamic NAT screen - Add Row field
  5. Select OK to save the changes made within the Add Row and Dynamic NAT screens. Select Reset to revert to the last saved configuration.