Defining DHCPv6 Options

DHCPv6 services are available for specific IP interfaces. A pool (or range) of IPv6 network addresses and DHCPv6 options can be created for each IPv6 interface defined. This range of addresses can be made available to DHCPv6 enabled devices on either a permanent or leased basis. DHCPv6 options are provided to each client with a DHCPv6 response and provide DHCPv6 clients information required to access network resources (default gateway, domain name, DNS server and WINS server configuration). An option exists to identify the vendor and functionality of a DHCPv6 client. The information is a variable-length string of characters (or octets) with a meaning specified by the vendor of the DHCPv6 client.

To set DHCPv6 options:

  1. Select Configuration > Services > DHCPv6 Server Policy.
  2. Select Add to create a new policy or Edit to modify the properties of a selected DHCPv6 server policy.
    Select + Add Row to populate the screen with editable rows for DHCPv6 option configuration.
    Click to expand in new window
    DHCPv6 Server Policy - DHCPv6 Options Tab
  3. Select Restrict Vendor Options to restrict the use of vendor specific DHCPv6 options.
    This limits the use of vendor specific DHCP options in this specific DHCPv6 policy.
  4. Use the spinner control to select a DHCPv6 Server Preference from 0 - 255.
    The default value is 0.
  5. Set the following DHCPv6 Option configuration parameters:
    Name Enter a name to associate with the new DHCP option. This name should describe the new option's function.
    Code Use the spinner control to specify a DHCP option code (from 0 - 254) for the option. Only one code for each DHCPv6 option of the same value can be used in each DHCPv6 server policy.
    Type Use the drop-down menu to select the DHCP option type for the new option. The option can be either ASCII, which sends an ASCII compliant string to the client, ipv6 which sends an IPv6 compatible address to the client or Hex String which sends a hexadecimal string to the client.
    Vendor Use the spinner control to specify the numeric Vendor ID for the new option. Each vendor should have a unique vendor ID used by the DHCPv6 server to issue vendor specific DHCP options.
  6. Click OK to save the updates to the DHCPv6 options.
    Click Reset to revert the screen to its last saved configuration.