Use the Status screen to review those devices targeted for captive portal image uploads, their operational state and image upload completion status:

To assess the progress and completion status of captive portal image uploads:

  1. Select the Operations menu item.

  2. Select Devices and select the Captive Portal Pages tab.

  3. Select the Status tab.

    Click to expand in new window
  4. Refer to the following:


    Displays the administrator defined hostname for the device receiving the captive portal page upload.


    Displays the hardware encoded Media Access Control (MAC) address of the unit performing the captive portal page upload.


    Displays the target device's current operational state within the controller or service platform managed network.


    Displays the current upload progress for each captive portal page upload.


    Lists the number of retries needed to upload the captive portal files to each listed device.

    Last Status

    Displays the last known status of the captive portal page upload to each listed device.

  5. Select Clear History to clear the history displayed in the Status tab and begin new data collections.