SMART RF - Select Shutdown

The Select Shutdown screen displays 2.4 GHz APs shutdown to maintain CCI (co-channel interference) levels within specified limits.



This information is displayed only if select-shutdown is enabled in the smart-rf policy context. For more information, see select-shutdown.
  1. Refer to the following table for the Smart RF → Select Shutdown related statistical data:
    Click to expand in new window
    RF-Domain → Smart RF → Select Shutdown
  2. Review the following configuration details:
    AP Hostname Displays hostname of AP that was shutdown by Smart RF as part of the select shutdown feature.

    The Smart RF select-shutdown option, auto-shutdowns selected 2.4 GHz radios, in dual-band networks, to maintain CCI levels within specified limits.

    Note: For information on enabling select shutdown, see Configuring Smart RF Select Shutdown Settings.
    AP MAC Displays the AP's MAC address
    Radio Displays the radio that was shutdown
    Radio MAC Displays the Radio's MAC address
    Radio Status Displays the Radio's current status
  3. Click Refresh to update the Select Shutdown screen with the RF Domain Smart RF information.