Location Policy

ExtremeLocation is a scalable, enterprise grade, cloud-based location and analytics solution. It is a licensed product. WiNG customers having ExtremeLocation entitlement, can view sites (RF Domains) within the ExtremeLocation user interface. The site hierarchy details is propagated to the ExtremeLocation server by the WiNG, controllers.

Location policy provides the ExtremeLocation server hostname and the ExtremeLocation tenant‘s API key. Configure a location policy and apply on the site controller‘s self. When applied, the controller authenticates and authorizes with the ExtremeLocation server and exports tenant site hierarchy details to the server.



For information on applying location policy to the virtual controller's self, see Profile Overrides - Services.


For information on ExtremeLocation, refer to the ExtremeLocation user guide, available at https://extremenetworks.com/documentation.

To configure a location policy:

  1. Go to Configuration → Wireless → Location Policy.
    The Location Policy screen displays.
    Click to expand in new window
    Configuration → Wireless → Location Policy
  2. Review existing policies, to determine if a new policy warrants creation or an existing policy warrants modification.
    Name Displays the Location policy name.
    Location Key Displays the ExtremeLocation tenant‘s API key.
    Enable Displays whether the location policy is enabled or not.