Global Icons

This section lists global icons available throughout the interface.

GUID-913BD1AB-4337-43B0-8A35-171AD9A94BAB-low.png Logout – Select this icon to log out of the system. This icon is always available and is located at the top right corner of the UI.
GUID-AEE15D97-C5CF-44DD-A4F3-004FF7479FF3-low.png Add – Select this icon to add a row in a table. When selected, a new row is created in the table or a dialog box displays where you can enter values for a particular list.
GUID-F1E9FC84-EA52-458F-B7AC-76220D9CFF3D-low.png Delete – Select this icon to remove a row from a table. When selected, the selected row is deleted.
GUID-F7B6B07D-3526-466D-B115-3A35C409BA62-low.png More Information – Select this icon to display a pop up with supplementary information that may be available for an item.
GUID-39461881-4A5B-4424-9309-6DE450CCE77F-low.png Trash – Select this icon to remove a row from a table. When selected, the row is immediately deleted.
GUID-973E9DB5-CFCB-4BDB-BB35-AFB2C0297E5D-low.png Create new policy – Select this icon to create a new policy. Policies define different configuration parameters that can be applied to individual device configurations, profiles and RF Domains.
GUID-94A8A2C4-1061-4A60-91AB-6712FB1DF531-low.png Edit policy – Select this icon to edit an existing configuration item or policy. To edit a policy, select a policy and this icon.