System Inventory

The System screen's Inventory tab displays granular data on specific devices supported within the network. The screen provides a complete overview of the number and state of managed devices. Information is displayed in easy to read tables and graphs. This screen also provides links for more detailed information.

  1. Select the Inventory tab.

    The system inventory screen displays.

    Click to expand in new window
    System Screen - Inventory Tab
  2. Review the following:

    The information within the Inventory tab is partitioned into the following fields:

    • The Devices field displays a ratio of peer controllers and service platforms as well as their managed access point radios. The information is displayed in pie chart format.

    • The Radios field displays top performing radios, their RF Domain memberships, and a status time stamp. RF Domain information can be selected to review RF Domain membership information in greater detail. Information in the Radio area is presented in two tables. The first lists the total number of Radios managed by this system, the second lists the top five RF Domains in terms of the number of available radios.

    • The wireless Clients field lists the top five RF Domains with the highest total number of clients managed by connected devices in this system. Select Refresh as needed to update the screen to its latest values.