Resetting Distributed AP's Mode of Operation

Resetting mode of operation of an AP adopted to WiNG VC or WiNG Controller

To revert an AP5XX, adopted to a WiNG VC or WiNG Controller, to factory-default mode of operation (that is, mode not specified) issue the following command on the WiNG VC/Controller:

#factory-reset deep <AP-HOSTNAME>


The <AP-HOSTNAME> parameter represents the host name of the AP on which the command is to be implemented.

The AP's adoption status is lost, it reboots immediately with its mode of operation not specified.

Resetting a standalone AP's mode of operation

To reset a standalone AP to the 'Centralized' mode, on the AP, issue the following command:
#operational-mode centralized


Follow the steps below to reset the AP to factory-default mode of operation (that is, mode not specified).
  1. Access the AP's console.
  2. Enter the following login credentials:
    username resetDeep (with 'D' in upper case)
    password FactoryDefaultDeep (with 'F', 'D' and 'D' in upper case)


    The AP reboots in the temporary 'Centralized' mode.