OSPF Interface Settings

To define a dynamic routing configuration:

  1. Select the Interface Settings tab.
    Click to expand in new window
  2. Review existing Interface Settings using the following:


    Displays the name defined for the interface configuration.


    Displays the type of interface.


    Lists each interface's 32 character maximum description.

    Admin Status

    Displays whether Admin Status privileges have been enabled or disabled for the OSPF route's virtual interface connection.


    Lists the VLAN IDs set for each listed OSPF route virtual interface.

    IP Address

    Displays the IP addresses defined as virtual interfaces for dynamic OSPF routes. Zero  config and DHCP can be used to generate route addresses, or a primary and secondary address can be manually set.

  3. Select the Add button to define a new set of virtual interface basic settings, or Edit to update the settings of an existing virtual interface configuration.