MAC Registration

MAC Registration provides returning (previously validated) clients quick access to controller, service platform or access point managed captive portal resources.

When a user enters a captive portal for the first time, user data is gathered and stored. This information is matched against the MAC address of the device accessing the captive portal.

The next time a user accesses the captive portal using this same credentials, they are authenticated immediately, since the device's MAC address is available within the controller, service platform or access point's database along with the requester's identification information. There's no need for additional credential validation after the initial credential verification.

To assign MAC Registration to a WLAN:

  1. Select Configuration → Wireless → Wireless LANs to display available WLANs.
  2. Click Add to create an additional WLAN, or select an existing WLAN and click Edit to modify its security properties.
  3. Select Security.
  4. Refer to the Registration field in the WLAN security screen.
    Select the Type of Registration field to select the type of MAC registration to use with this WLAN.

    Use None to disallow use of MAC Registration with this WLAN. Select device to register a new MAC address. If a MAC address already exists, allow access. Select device-OTP to register a new MAC device and send a OTP (One Time Password) for validation. Select user to register a new user by sending them a registration code to the e-mail address or mobile phone number provided by the user at login.

  5. Use the RADIUS Group Name field to enter the RADIUS group to associate with MAC registrations.
    When left blank, devices are not associated with a RADIUS group.
  6. Select Expiry Time.
    This is the duration for which MAC addresses are stored on the access point‘s database. Once this time expires, the user information is purged from the database. The user then has to provide login credentials as well as identification information again. The default value is 1500 days.
  7. Set the Agreement Refresh as the amount of time before the agreement page is displayed if the user has not been logged during the specified period.
    The default setting is 0 days.
  8. Select OK when completed to update the WLAN's MAC registration configuration.

    Select Reset to revert to the last saved configuration.