Dialog Box Icons

These icons indicate the current state of various controls in a dialog. These icons enables you to gather the status of all the controls in a dialog. The absence of any of these icons next to a control indicates the value in that control has not been modified from its last saved configuration.

GUID-18DE43C2-F63E-4ACF-82C4-F8CAE282149A-low.png Entry Updated – Indicates a value has been modified from its last saved configuration.
GUID-D0B34256-07A7-4105-9BB8-9CA5EE6B11D3-low.png Entry Update – States that an override has been applied to a device profile configuration.
GUID-F3A07649-75A8-4BD5-AA9D-2A50C5ADC004-low.png Mandatory Field – Indicates this control value is a mandatory configuration item. You are not allowed to proceed further without providing all mandatory values in this dialog.
GUID-23478987-94FD-4103-83CB-B181DCA4C287-low.png Error in Entry – Indicates there is an error in a supplied value. A small red popup provides a likely cause of the error.