Setting the URL List

URL lists are used to select highly utilized URLs for smart caching. The selected URLs are monitored and routed according to existing cache content policies.

To configure a URL lists policy:

  1. Select the Configuration tab from the main menu.
  2. Select the Services tab from the Configuration menu.
  3. Select URL Lists.

    The URL Lists screen displays existing policies. New policies can be created. Existing policies can be modified, deleted or copied.

    Click to expand in new window
    Smart Caching - URL List Name Screen
  4. Refer to the URL List Name table to review the administrator assigned name applied to the URL list policy upon creation.
  5. Select Add to create a URL lists policy. Select an existing policy and click Edit to modify, Delete to remove or Copy to copy the settings of a selected (existing) URL lists policy.
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    URL List Name - Add/Edit Screen
  6. Select + Add Row to display configurable parameters for defining a URL and its depth.
  7. If you are creating a new URL lists policy, assign a name to it. The name cannot exceed 32 characters.

    If you are editing an existing URL lists policy, the policy name cannot be modified.

  8. Set the following URL Lists parameters:
    URL Set the requested URL monitored and routed according to existing cache content policies. This value is mandatory.
    Depth Select the number of levels to be cached. Because Web sites have different parameters to uniquely identify specific content, the same content may be stored on multiple origin servers. Smart caching uses subsets of these parameters to recognize that the content is the same and serves it from cache. The available range is from 1 - 10. This value is mandatory.
  9. Select OK to save the URL Entries list configuration. Select Reset to revert to the last saved configuration.