Remote VPN Client Configuration

To configure the remote VPN client settings:

  1. Select the Remote VPN Client tab.

    The Remote VPN Client screen provides options for configuring the remote VPN client.

    Click to expand in new window
    Profile Security - Remote VPN Client tab
  2. Refer to the following fields to define Remote VPN Client Configuration settings:


    Select this option to disable the remote VPN client. The default is disabled.

    Transform Set

    Configure the transform set used to specify how traffic is protected within the crypto ACL defining the traffic that needs to be protected. Select the appropriate traffic set from the drop-down menu or click the icon next to the drop-down menu to create a new transform set.

  3. Refer to the following fields to define the Remote VPN Client Peer list:

    IKEV2 Peer

    Use the drop-down menu to select the remote IKE v2 peer. Use the icon next to the drop-down to create a new peer.


    Use the spinner to set the priority in which a remote peer is connected. The lower the number the higher the priority.

  4. Set the following DHCP Peer Authentication settings:

    Auth Type

    Use the drop-down menu to specify the DHCP peer authentication type. Options include PSK and RSA. The default setting is RSA.


    Provide a 8 - 21 character shared key password for DHCP peer authentication.

  5. Set the following DHCP Peer Localid settings:


    Select the DHCP peer local ID type. Options include string and autogenuniqueid. The default setting is string.


    Set the DHCP peer local ID. The ID cannot exceed 128 characters.

  6. Select OK to save the updates made to the Remote VPN Client screen.

    Selecting Reset reverts the screen to its last saved configuration.