List of Critical Resources

Critical resources are device IP addresses or interface destinations on the network inter-operated as critical to the health of the network. The critical resource feature allows for the continuous monitoring of these addresses. A critical resource, if not available, can result in the network suffering performance degradation. A critical resource can be a gateway, a AAA server, a WAN interface, or any hardware or service on which the stability of the network depends. Critical resources are pinged regularly by the access point. If there is a connectivity issue, an event is generated stating a critical resource is unavailable. By default, no critical resource policy is enabled, and one needs to be created and implemented.

Critical resources can be monitored directly through the interfaces on which they are discovered. For example, a critical resource on the same subnet as the access point can be monitored by its IP address. However, a critical resource located on a VLAN must continue to monitored on that VLAN.

Critical resources can be configured for access points and wireless controllers using their respective profiles.

To define critical resources:

  1. Select Configuration → Devices → System Profile → Critical Resources from the web UI.
    Click to expand in new window
    Critical Resources Screen - List of Critical Resources tab
  2. Review the existing critical resources.

    The screen lists the destination IP addresses or interfaces (VLAN, WWAN, or PPPoE) used for critical resource connection. IP addresses can be monitored directly by the access point or controller. However, a VLAN, WWAN, or PPPoE must be monitored behind an interface.