System Health

The Health tab displays performance status for managed devices, and includes their RF domain memberships.

To assess system health:

  1. Go to Dashboard → Summary → System.

    The overall system Health tab displays by default.

    Click to expand in new window
    System Dashboard - Health Tab
  2. The system health screen is partitioned into the following:
    • The Devices field displays a ratio of offline versus online devices within the system. The information is displayed in pie chart format to illustrate device support ratios.

    • The Device Types field displays a numerical representation of the different controller, service platform and access point models in the current system. Their online and offline device connections are also displayed. Does this device distribution adequately support the number and types of access point radios and their client load requirements.

    • The Offline Devices field displays a table of supported RF domains within the system, with each RF domain listing the number offline devices within that RF domain. Listed RF domains display as individual links that can be selected to RF domain information in greater detail.

    • The RF Quality field displays RF quality per RF domain. It is a measure of the overall effectiveness of the RF environment displayed in percentage. It is a function of the connect rate in both directions, retry rate and error rate.

    • This field displays an average quality index supporting each RF domain. The table lists the bottom five (5) RF quality values for RF domains. Listed RF domains display as individual links that can be selected to RF domain information in greater detail. Use this diagnostic information to determine what measures can be taken to improve radio performance in respect to wireless client load and the radio bands supported.

      The quality is measured as:
      • 0-20 - Very poor quality

      • 20-40 - Poor quality

      • 40-60 - Average quality

      • 60-100 - Good quality

    • The System Security field displays RF intrusion prevention stats and their associated threat level. The greater the number of unauthorized devices, the greater the associated threat level. It also displays a list of up to five (5) RF domains in relation to the number of associated wireless clients. The RF domains appear as links that can be selected to display RF domain information in greater detail.