AP DHCPv6 Relay & Client

DHCPv6 is a networking protocol for configuring IPv6 hosts with IP addresses, IP prefixes or other configuration attributes required on an IPv6 network. DHCPv6 relay agents receive messages from clients and forward them a DHCPv6 server. The server sends responses back to the relay agent and the relay agent sends the responses to the client on the local link.

To view the access point's DHCPv6 relay configuration:

  1. Select the Statistics menu from the Web UI.
  2. Expand the System node from the navigation pane (on the left-hand side of the screen).
    The System node expands to display the RF Domains created within the managed network.
  3. Expand an RF Domain node, and select one of it's connected access points.
    The Access Point's statistics menu displays in the right-hand side of the screen, with the Health tab selected by default.
  4. Select DHCPv6 Relay & Client.
    The Statistics > Controller > DHCP Relay & Client screen displays in the right-hand pane.
    Click to expand in new window
    The DHCP Relay Status table defines the following:
    Interfaces Displays the access point interface used for DHCPv6 relay.
    State Displays the current operational state of the DHCPv6 server to assess its availability as a viable IPv6 provisioning resource.
    The DHCPv6 Client Received Options table defines the following:
    Client Identifier Lists whether the reporting client is using a hardware address or client identifier as its identifier type within requests to the DHCPv6 server.
    Server Identifier Displays the server identifier supporting client DHCPv6 relay message reception.
    DNS Servers Lists the DNS server resources supporting relay messages received from clients.
    Domain Name Lists the domain to which the remote server resource belongs.
    Interface Displays the interfaces dedicated to client DHCPv6 relay message reception.
    Refresh Time (Seconds) Lists the time (in seconds) since the data populating the DHCPv6 client received options table has been refreshed.
    Server Preference Lists the preferred DHCPv6 server resource supporting relay messages received from clients.
    SIP Domain Name Lists the SIP domain name supporting DHCPv6 client telephone extensions or voice over IP systems.
    SIP Server Displays the SIP server name supporting DHCPv6 telephone extensions or voice over IP systems.
    Enterprise ID Lists the enterprise ID associated with DHCPv6 received client options.
    Refer to the Vendor Options table for the following:
    Code Lists the relevant numeric DHCP vendor code.
    Data Lists the supporting data relevant to the listed DHCP vendor code.
  5. Select Refresh to update the screen‘s statistics counters to their latest values.