Device Upgrade List

  1. Ensure Devices is selected from the Operations menu on the top, left-hand, side of the screen.
  2. Expand the System node, select a RF Domain and one of its member devices.
  3. Select Adopted Device Upgrade. The screen displays with the Device Upgrade List selected by default.
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  4. Select the controller, service platform or access point model from the Device Type List drop-down menu. This is the device model used to provision firmware to the devices selected within the All Devices table below. Selecting All makes each controller, service platform and access point model images available for updates on those specific models.
  5. Select Device Image File. Use this screen to select device image types for firmware updates and set the transfer protocol used for staging the firmware to the device itself prior to its update.
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  6. Select the Basic link to enter a URL pointing to the location of the controller, service platform or access point image files for the device update(s).
  7. Selecting Advanced lists additional options for the device's firmware image file location:


    Select the protocol for device firmware file management and transfer. Available options include:







    Designate the port for transferring the firmware files used in the upgrade operation. Enter the port number directly or use the spinner control.


    Specify a numerical IP address or textual Hostname of the resource used to transfer files to the devices designated for a firmware update.

    Path / File

    Define the path to the file on the file repository resource. Enter the complete relative path to the file.

  8. Select the Load Image button to upload the device firmware.

    The firmware image is loaded to the flash/upgrade directory (not the flash/cache directory). If the NOC pushes the image, then it is loaded to flash/cache/upgrade.