Miscellaneous Network Configuration

A profile can include a hostname within a DHCP lease for a requesting device. This helps an administrator track the leased DHCP IP address by hostname for the supported device profile. When numerous DHCP leases are assigned, an administrator can better track the leases when hostnames are used instead of devices.

To include hostnames in DHCP requests:

  1. Select the Configuration → Devices → System Profile tab from the Web UI.
  2. Expand the Network menu and select Miscellaneous.
    Click to expand in new window
    Network - Miscellaneous screen
  3. Select the Include Hostname in DHCP Request option to include a hostname in a DHCP lease for a requesting device. This feature is enabled by default.
  4. Select the DHCP Persistent Lease option to retain the lease that was last used by the access point if the access point‘s DHCP server resource were to become unavailable. This feature is enabled by default.
  5. Select the OK button located at the bottom right of the screen to save the changes. Select Reset to revert to the last saved configuration.