Status Icons

These icons indicate device status, operations, or any other action that requires a status returned to the user.

GUID-1EAD11E9-0B61-46F8-8975-A200098D0791-low.png Fatal Error – States there is an error causing a managed device to stop functioning.
GUID-6FBB8756-E968-4D73-A20E-082477F1181E-low.png Error – Indicates an error exits requiring intervention. An action has failed, but the error is not system wide.
GUID-832F5E58-B64E-4272-A3C6-7E22349FCFB7-low.png Warning – States a particular action has completed, but errors were detected that did not prevent the process from completing. Intervention might still be required to resolve subsequent warnings.
GUID-89FDB3CE-B377-495D-A998-4381BD78E8FB-low.png Success – Indicates everything is well within the network or a process has completed successfully without error.
GUID-CAA57F14-E692-403E-844B-CC877347EFCE-low.png Information – This icon always precedes information displayed to the user. This may either be a message displaying progress for a particular process, or just be a message from the system.