Security Configuration

When taking precautions to secure wireless traffic between a client and an access point, the network administrator should not lose sight of the security solution in its entirety, because the network‘s chain is as weak as its weakest link. A WiNG-managed wireless network provides seamless data protection and user validation to protect and secure data at each vulnerable point in the network.

WiNG-managed wireless devices support a Layer 2 wired/wireless firewall and Wireless Intrusion Protection System (WIPS) capabilities at the WLAN. They are additionally strengthened with a premium multi-vendor overlay security solution from Air Defense with 24x7 dedicated protection. This security is offered at the most granular level, with role-and location-based secure access available to users based on identity and on the security posture of the client device.

When addressing the security of a WiNG-managed wireless network, consider each of the following: