Connecting to Web UI

Follow the steps below to connect to an access point's (AP's) Web UI for the first time:

  1. Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the AP's LAN port and connect the other end to a computer with a working Web browser.
  2. Set the computer to use an IP address between and on the connected port. Set a subnet/network mask of
    The AP's IP address is optimally provided using DHCP. A zero config IP address can also be derived if DHCP resources are unavailable. Using zero config, the last two octets in the IP address are the decimal equivalent of the last two bytes in the access point‘s hard-coded MAC address.

    Deriving the AP's IP address using its MAC address.

    If the AP's hard-coded MAC address is 00:C0:23:00:F0:0A, follow the steps below to derive the AP's Zero-config IP address:

    1. On your computer, open the Windows calculator. To access the calculator, click Start → All Programs → Accessories → Calculator. This path may vary depending on the version of Windows running on your computer.
    2. With the Calculator displayed, select View → Scientific or View → Programmer depending on the version of Windows running on your computer.
    3. Select the Hex radio button.
    4. Enter the penultimate octet of the AP's MAC address. In this example, the AP's MAC address is: 00:C0:23:00:F0:0A. Enter F0.
    5. Select the Dec radio button. The calculator converts F0 into 240.
    6. Repeat this process for the last octet in the AP's MAC address. Enter A, and select Dec. The calculator converts A into 10.
      The AP's zero-config IP address is:
  3. Once obtained, point the Web browser to the access point‘s IP address. The following login screen displays:
    The Web UI login dialog displays:
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    Web UI Login Screen
  4. Enter the default username admin in the Username field.
  5. Enter the default password admin123 in the Password field.
    When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to change the password to enhance device security. Set the new password and use it for subsequent logins.
  6. Click the Login button to load the device's (access point, wireless controller or service platform) management interface.
    If you are powering-up the AP for the first time, the AP's management UI opens, and the Initial Setup Wizard dialog pops up. Use this wizard to configure the basic settings required to get the AP up and running. For more information on using the Initial Setup Wizard, see Using the Initial Setup Wizard.
    The AP's Initial Setup Wizard:
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    The Initial Setup Wizard