RF Domain - Device Upgrade Operation

You can configure device upgrade operation at the RF Domain level. RF Domain upgrades happen through the RF Domain manager. The RF Domain manager, requests and receives the firmware from the controller and upgrades RF Domain member devices. Therefore, prior to configuring device upgrade on the RF Domain, ensure the Controller is upgraded to the latest firmware. For more information, see Upgrading Device Firmware.

To configure RF Domain level device upgrade:

  1. Go to Operations → Devices.
  2. Expand the System node and selected a member RF Domain.
  3. Select the Device Upgrade tab.
    Click to expand in new window
  4. Select the Device Upgrade List tab, if not selected by default.
  5. Use the Device Type List drop-down menu to select the type of device to be upgraded. This is the device model used to provision firmware to the devices selected within the All Devices table below.

    Select the All option to initiate upgrade of all devices within the selected RF Domain. If you select this option, the All Devices table is disabled.

  6. Select the Upgrade from Controller checkbox to initiate upgrade through the controller to which the selected device is adopted.
  7. Use the Scheduled Upgrade Time and Scheduled Reboot Time options to schedule the upgrade at a latter time.

    By default, both the Scheduled Upgrade Time and Scheduled Reboot Time options are set to Now, which initiates immediate upgrade.