Smart RF

Self Monitoring At Run Time RF Management (Smart RF) is an innovation designed to simplify RF configurations for new deployments, while (over time) providing on-going deployment optimization and radio performance improvements.

The Smart RF functionality scans the managed network to determine the best channel and transmit power for each access point radio. Smart RF policies can be applied to specific RF Domains, to apply site specific deployment configurations and self recovery values to groups of devices within pre-defined physical RF coverage areas.

Smart RF also provides self recovery functions by monitoring the managed network in real-time and provides automatic mitigation from potentially problematic events such as radio interference, coverage holes and radio failures. Smart RF employs self recovery to enable a WLAN to better maintain wireless client performance and site coverage during dynamic RF environment changes, which typically require manual reconfiguration to resolve.

Within the Operations node, Smart RF is managed within selected RF Domains, using the access points that comprise the RF Domain and their respective radio and channel configurations as the basis to conduct Smart RF calibration operations.