Software Required

The Extreme Hardware/Software Compatibility and Recommendation Matrices lists the minimum ExtremeXOS software version required to support each BlackDiamond switch, Summit switch, and E4G router model.



The features available on each device are determined by the installed feature license and optional feature packs. For more information, see the Feature License Requirements document.

The following guidelines provide additional information for BlackDiamond 8000 series modules:

  • The term BlackDiamond 8000 series modules refers to all BlackDiamond 8800 and 8900 series modules. Beginning with the ExtremeXOS 12.5 release, it does not include other modules formerly listed as original-series modules.
  • Module names that are not preceded with 8900 are BlackDiamond 8800 series modules.
  • The c-series, e-series, xl-series, and xm-series names are used to distinguish between groups of modules that support different feature sets.

A SummitStack is a combination of up to eight Summit family switches that are connected together.