show avb

show avb


Displays a summary of MSRP, MVRP, and gPTP configuration on the switch.

Syntax Description

avb Audio Video Bridging.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to display a summary of MSRP, MVRP, and gPTP configuration and status on the switch.


#show avb   
gPTP status                        : Enabled   
gPTP enabled ports                 : *17d *19d      

MSRP status                        : Enabled   
MSRP enabled ports                 : !3 *17ab *19a  

MVRP status                        : Enabled   
MVRP enabled ports                 : *17 *19   

Flags:        (*) Active, (!) Administratively disabled, 
              (a) SR Class A allowed, (b) SR Class B allowed, 
              (d) Disabled gPTP port role, (m) Master gPTP port role,  
              (p) Passive gPTP port role, (s) Slave gPTP port role.


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.3.

Platform Availability

This command is available on Summit X430, X440, X450-G2, X460, X460-G2, X670, X670-G2, and X770 switches if the AVB feature pack license is installed on the switch.