configure ssl certificate privkeylen

configure ssl certificate privkeylen length country code organization org_name common-name name


Creates a self signed certificate and private key that can be saved in the EEPROM.

Syntax Description

length Specifies the private key length in bytes. Valid values are between 1024 and 4096.
code Specifies the country code in 2-character form.
org_name Specifies the organization name. The organization name can be up to 64 characters long.
name Specifies the common name. The common name can be up to 64 characters long.



Usage Guidelines

This command creates a self signed certificate and private key that can be saved in the EEPROM. The certificate generated is in the PEM format.

Any existing certificate and private key is overwritten.

The size of the certificate depends on the RSA key length (privkeylen) and the length of the other parameters (country, organization name, and so forth) supplied by the user. If the RSA key length is 1024, then the certificate is approximately 1 kb. For an RSA key length of 4096, the certificate length is approximately 2 kb, and the private key length is approximately 3 kb.

Similar to SSH2, before you can use any SSL commands, you must first download and install the separate Extreme Networks SSH software module (ssh.xmod). This additional module allows you to configure both SSH2 and SSL on the switch. SSL is packaged with the SSH module; therefore, if you do not install the module, you are unable to configure SSL. If you try to execute SSL commands without installing the module first, the switch notifies you to download and install the module. To install the module, see the instructions in Software Upgrade and Boot Options.


The following example creates an SSL certificate in the USA for a website called bigcats:

configure ssl certificate privkeylen 2048 country US organization IEEE common-name bigcats


This command was first available in the ExtremeXOS 11.2 and supported with the SSH module.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all platforms.