clear ospfv3 counters

clear ospfv3 counters { interfaces [[vlan | tunnel] all | vlan vlan_name | tunnel tunnel_name | area area_identifier] | area [all | area_identifier] | virtual-link [all | {routerid} router-identifier {area} area_identifier] | neighbor [all | routerid router_identifier | vlan vlan_name | tunnel tunnel_name]| system}


Clears the OSPFv3 counters (statistics).

Syntax Description

all Specifies all VLANs, tunnels, areas, neighbors, or virtual-links.
vlan_name Specifies an IPv6 configured VLAN.
tunnel_name Specifies an IPv6 tunnel.
router-identifier Specifies a router identifier, a four-byte, dotted decimal number.
area_identifier Specifies an OSPFv3 area, a four-byte, dotted decimal number.
system Specifies the OSPFv3 system/global counters.



Usage Guidelines

The global command clear counters also clears all OSPFv3 counters. This global command is the equivalent of clear ospfv3 counters for OSPFv3.

This command can be used to clear various OSPFv3 counters (Interface, Area, Virtual-Link, System etc.). The following is the list of various counters that would be reset to zero by this command:

  • Neighbor specific counters:
    • Number of state changes.
    • Number of events.
  • Interface/VLAN/Virtual-link/Tunnel specific counters:
    • Number of Hellos rxed.
    • Number of Hellos txed.
    • Number of DB Description rxed.
    • Number of DB description txed.
    • Number of LS request rxed.
    • Number of LS request txed.
    • Number of LS update rxed.
    • Number of LS update txed.
    • Number of LS ack rxed.
    • Number of LS ack txed.
    • Number of rxed OSPFv3 packet discarded.
    • Number of state changes.
    • Number of events.
  • Area Specific counters:
    • All counters of interfaces associated with an area.
    • Number of SPF runs.
  • Domain (global)/system specific counters:
    • Number of self originated LSAs.
    • Number of received LSAs.


The following command clears the OSPFv3 counters for area

clear ospfv3 counters area

The following command clears all the OSPFv3 counters for the neighbor in the domain ospf-core:

clear ospfv3 domain ospf-core counters neighbor routerid


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.2.

Platform Availability

This command is available on platforms with an Advanced Edge or Core license as described in the Feature License Requirements document.