show ces

show ces {ces_name} {detail}


Displays CES services created for use with MPLS.

Syntax Description

ces_name Specifies the name of the CES.
detail Specifies to display additional status information about the interface.



Usage Guidelines

For CES services created for use with MPLS, the “Type: Static/Signaled” line in the CES section of the output will show “N/A” until a PW has been configured, since this the PW type is not known until the peer is added to the CES.

The PW section of the output includes a “PW Signaling” line that will display “LDP” or “None (Static)”, depending on the PW configuration. This is in keeping with the PW display in theshow l2vpn detail command. Since the configured labels can be changed while the current labels are in-use, there is a small window where the configured labels and in-use labels are different. If the show ces detail command is issued during this window, an extra line is output to indicate this extra information. The configured labels will be noted as “pending” in this case.


The following command displays CES information:

# show ces jces detail       

CES PW Name  :  jces      
  Type                   :  Static      
  PW ID                  :  900                 Admin State   :   Enabled      
  PSN Transport          :  MPLS                Oper State    :   Enabled      
  Transport Type         :  E1, Structured-agnostic      
  Signaling              :  None      
  Service Name           :  mysvc      
  Payload Size           :  256  bytes      
  Packet Latency         :  1000 us      
  Jitter Buffer          :  3000 us (max: 6000 us)      
  Clock Recovery         :  None      
  LOPS Entry Thresh      :  8      
  LOPS Exit Thresh       :  8      
  Filler Pattern         :  255 (0xFF)      
  QOS Profile            :  QP1      
  PW Label TTL           :  4      
  Peer Address           :            
    PW Admin State       :  Enabled         
    PW State             :  Up         
    PW Signaling         :  None (Static)         
    PW Uptime            :  0d:0h:46m:19s         
    PW Installed         :  TRUE         
    Local PW Status      :  Fault, Att-Rx, PW-Rx         
    Remote PW Status     :  Fault, Att-Rx         
    Transport LSP        :  lsprsvp02 (Not Configured)            
      Next Hop I/F       :  e2-s4vlan1               
      Next Hop Addr      :             Tx Label           :  0x23F           
    PW Rx Label          :  0x9A                    PW Tx Label        :  0x9F            
    PW Rx Label (pend)   :  0x9B                    PW Tx Label (pend) :  0x9E            
    Signaled Parameters  :              
      Payload Size       :  Local=256               Remote=N/A
      Bit-Rate           :  Local=32                Remote=N/A               
      Fragmentation      :  Local=Disabled          Remote=N/A                 
      Signaling          :  Local=Disabled          Remote=N/A                 
      RTP Header         :  Local=Disabled          Remote=N/A                 
      Signaling Error    :  N/A         
  PW Rx Pkts             :  0                       PW Tx Pkts    :  13907583  


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.4.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the following platforms:
  • E4G-200
  • E4G-400