show ports tdm configuration

show ports {port_list} tdm configuration {no-refresh | refresh}


Displays the specified TDM port configuration.

Syntax Description


Time Division Multiplexing.


Displays TDM ports configuration.


Page by page display without auto-refresh.

refresh Continuous refresh of output.



Usage Guidelines

The configured cable length column will be displayed only if the hierarchy selected is T1/ANSI.


E4G-400.2 # sh ports {<port_list>} tdm configuration
TDM Port Configuration Monitor                         Wed Apr 4 15:56:34 2011
Port       Flags            Port   Link   Line    Cable
State  State  Coding  Len(ft)
1          e-cCLt---------   E       R    HDB3
2          TS--PtR--------   D       R    B8ZS    550-660
3          TU-rPt---------   E       R    B8ZS       >660
4          eB-CLt---------   E       R    AMI
> indicates Port Display Name truncated past 8 characters
Link State: (A) Active, (L) Loopback, (NP) Port not present, (R) Ready
Port State: (D) Disabled, (E) Enabled
Flags     : (B) E1 Basic Frame, (c) CRC-4, (C) Channel Associated Signaling,
(e) E1 Hierarchy, (F) Extended Super Framed,
(L) Line Recovered Clock, (M) Multi-framed,
(P) CES Pseudo-wire Recovered Clock,
(r) Robbed Bit signaling, (R) Clock Recovery Enabled,
(S) Super-framed, (t) TDM Circuit, (T) T1 Hierarchy,
(U) Unframed


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.1.

The refresh keyword was added in ExtremeXOS 16.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the cell site routers (E4G-200 and E4G-400).