enable network-clock sync-e

enable network-clock sync-e port [port_list | all]


Enables synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) on port(s).

Syntax Description


Specifies a port or group of ports.


Specifies all ports.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to enable SyncE on one or more ports.

The following lists the individual platforms and the ports supported on each platform:
  • X460-24X: Ports 1 - 28.

  • X460-48X: Ports 1 - 48.

  • E4G-200: All Ethernet ports.

  • E4G-400: All Ethernet ports including XGM3S 10G ports if present.

If you attempt to enable SyncE on a port or ports that are not supported, one of the following messages is displayed:

ERROR: Cannot enable Synchronous Ethernet on ports
ERROR: Cannot enable Synchronous Ethernet on some/all ports

To disable SyncE, use the disable network-clock sync-e command.

To display SyncE settings, use the show network-clock sync-e ports command.


The following command enables SyncE on port 2:

enable network-clock sync-e port 2


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on Summit X460-24X and X460-48X switches and on E4G-200 and E4G-400 switches.