configure ports wan-phy trace-section

configure ports port_list wan-phy trace-section id_string


Configures the section trace identifier for the specified WAN PHY port. Section trace is a maintenance feature of WAN PHY.

Syntax Description


Specifies the port number. On a stand-alone switch, this value is just the port number, and on a modular switch, this value is the slot and port number.


Enter an alphanumeric 16-character string.


The IEEE default value, which has no string representation.

Usage Guidelines

The section trace message is used for troubleshooting. The J0 transmit octets allow a receiver to verify its continued connection to the transmitter; the J0 octet transports a 16-octet continuously repeating section trace message.

The first transmitted section trace octet is J0 transmit 15, which contains the delineation octet; the default value is 137 (hexadecimal 89). The last transmitted section trace octet is J0 transmit 0; the default value for J0 transmit 0 through 14 is 0.

XFP ports must be in WAN PHY mode. To configure the mode, use the configure ports port_list mode {lan | wan-phy} command.


The following command configures a section trace ID for an LW XENPAK WAN PHY port:

configure ports 1:3 wan-phy trace-section beta4


This command was available in ExtremeXOS 11.6.

Platform Availability

This command is available on 10G XFP ports only on Summit X480 series switches.