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show vid {vlan_list}


Shows VLANs in VID order. The VLAN description appears rather than VLAN name, if present; otherwise the VLAN name appears.

Syntax Description

vid VLANs in VID order.
vlan_list VLAN list (between 1–4,094).




The following example displays VLANs in VID order:

# show vid
VID  Description    Protocol Addr       Flags                         Proto  Ports  Virtual
     /VLAN Name                                                               Active router
   1 Default         ------------T---------------  ANY    0/31   VR-Default
  30 Finance         ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/33   VR-Default
  31 VLAN_0031       ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/33   VR-Default
  32 Engineering II  ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/33   VR-Default
  33 Here is an example of a very long VLAN description. The usr can
                     ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/33   VR-Default
  34 Operations-12   ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/33   VR-Default
  35 Operations-12   ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/0    VR-Default
  40 Operations-12   ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/4    VR-Default
  41 Operations-12   ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/4    VR-Default
  42 Operations-12   ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/4    VR-Default
  43 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234
                     ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/4    VR-Default
  44 VLAN_0044       ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/4    VR-Default
  45 This vlan carries most of the traffic from the main building
                     ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/4    VR-Default
1000 BigData         ------------------------------------------------  ANY    0/2    VR-Default
4095 Management VLAN ------------------------------------------------  ANY    1/1    VR-Mgmt
Flags : (B) BFD Enabled, (c) 802.1ad customer VLAN, (C) EAPS Control VLAN,
        (d) Dynamically created VLAN, (D) VLAN Admin Disabled,
        (e) CES Configured, (E) ESRP Enabled, (f) IP Forwarding Enabled,
        (F) Learning Disabled, (h) TRILL Enabled, (i) ISIS Enabled,
        (I) Inter-Switch Connection VLAN for MLAG, (k) PTP Configured,
        (l) MPLS Enabled, (L) Loopback Enabled, (m) IPmc Forwarding Enabled,
        (M) Translation Member VLAN or Subscriber VLAN, (n) IP Multinetting Enabled,
        (N) Network Login VLAN, (o) OSPF Enabled, (O) Flooding Disabled,
        (p) PIM Enabled, (P) EAPS protected VLAN, (r) RIP Enabled,
        (R) Sub-VLAN IP Range Configured, (s) Sub-VLAN, (S) Super-VLAN,
        (t) Translation VLAN or Network VLAN, (T) Member of STP Domain,
        (v) VRRP Enabled, (V) VPLS Enabled, (W) VPWS Enabled, (Z) OpenFlow Enabled


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 16.2.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all platforms.