configure igmp snooping vlan ports add static group

configure igmp snooping {vlan} vlanname {ports portlist }add static group grpipaddress


Configures VLAN ports to receive the traffic from a multicast group, even if no IGMP joins have been received on the port.

Syntax Description

vlanname Specifies a VLAN name.
portlist Specifies one or more ports or slots and ports.
grpipaddress Specifies the multicast group IP address.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to forward a particular multicast group to VLAN ports. In effect, this command emulates a host on the port that has joined the multicast group. As long as the port is configured with the static entry, multicast traffic for that multicast group is forwarded to that port.

This command is for IGMPv2 only.

The switch sends proxy IGMP messages in place of those generated by a real host. The proxy messages use the VLAN IP address for source address of the messages. If the VLAN has no IP address assigned, the proxy IGMP message uses as the source IP address.

The multicast group should be in the class-D multicast address space, but should not be in the multicast control subnet range (224.0.0.x/24).

If the ports also have an IGMP filter configured, the filter entries take precedence. IGMP filters are configured using the command:

configure igmp snooping vlan vlanname ports portlist filterpolicy file


The following example configures a static IGMP entry so that multicast group is forwarded to VLAN "marketing" on port 47:

switch.30 # configure igmp snooping marketing ports 47 add static group

The following command displays the group:

* (pacman debug) sw4.31 # show igmp group 
Group Address     Ver Vlan            Port     Age      2   marketing       47       0    

Total: 1
switch.32 #

The following example adds a static group to a vlan (loopback port):

switch.32 # configure igmp snooping marketing add static group

The following command displays the group:

switch.33 # show igmp group 
Group Address     Ver Vlan            Port     Age      2   marketing       Lpbk     0    

Total: 1
switch.34 #


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 10.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on platforms that support the appropriate license. For complete information about software licensing, including how to obtain and upgrade your license and which licenses support the IGMP snooping feature, see the Switch Engine 32.2 Feature License Requirements document.