Syntax Helper

The CLI has a built-in syntax helper. If you are unsure of the complete syntax for a particular command, enter as much of the command as possible and press [Tab]. The syntax helper provides a list of options for the remainder of the command, and places the cursor at the end of the command you have entered so far, ready for the next option.

If the command is one where the next option is a named component, such as a VLAN, access profile, or route map, the syntax helper also lists any currently configured names that might be used as the next option. In situations where this list might be very long, the syntax helper lists only one line of names, followed by an ellipses (...) to indicate that there are more names than can be displayed.

Some values (such as the node-address used in Summit stack) are lengthy, but limited in number. Switch Engine places these values into a "namespace." This allows command completion on these values.

The syntax helper also provides assistance if you have entered an incorrect command.

Abbreviated Syntax

Abbreviated syntax is the shortest unambiguous allowable abbreviation of a command or parameter.

Typically, this is the first three letters of the command. If you do not enter enough letters to allow the switch to determine which command you mean, the syntax helper provides a list of the options based on the portion of the command you have entered.



When using abbreviated syntax, you must enter enough characters to make the command unambiguous and distinguishable to the switch.