Object Names

All named components within a category of the switch configuration, such as VLAN, must be given a unique object name.

Object names must begin with an alphabetical character and may contain alphanumeric characters and underscores ( _ ), but they cannot contain spaces. The maximum allowed length for a name is 32 characters.

Object names can be reused across categories (for example, STPD and VLAN names). If the software encounters any ambiguity in the components within your command, it generates a message requesting that you clarify the object you specified.



If you use the same name across categories, Extreme Networks recommends that you specify the identifying keyword as well as the actual name. If you do not use the keyword, the system may return an error message.

Reserved Keywords

Keywords such as vlan, STP, and other 2nd level keywords, are determined to be reserved keywords and cannot be used as object names. This restriction applies to the specific word (vlan) only, while expanded versions (vlan2) can be used.

A complete list of the reserved keywords for Switch Engine is found in the “Reserved Keywords” section of the Switch Engine 32.2 User Guide . Any keyword that is not on this list can be used as an object name.