configure stacking priority

configure stacking {node-address node-address | slot slot_number} priority [node_pri | automatic]


Configures a priority value to be used to influence master and backup election.

Syntax Description

node-address Specifies the MAC address of a node in the stack. To view the MAC addresses for all nodes in a stack, enter the show stacking command.
slot_number Specifies the slot number of the target node. To view the slot numbers, enter the show stacking command.
node_pri Specifies the priority as a value between 1 and 100.


Automatic priority.

Usage Guidelines

The node role election priority is a value that is internally calculated by ExtremeXOS for each node. This calculated value helps determine which nodes are elected as master and backup. For more information, see “Configuring the Master, Backup, and Standby Roles” in the Switch Engine 32.2 User Guide .

This command allows you to configure a priority value that affects the outcome of this calculation. You can configure the priority on any node in a stack topology. You can specify an integer node-pri value between 1 and 100. The larger the value, the greater the node role election priority.

If no node address or slot is specified, the command takes effect on all nodes at the next node role election cycle. Priority configuration has no operational effect on switches that are not in stacking mode.

If configured on every node, automatic priority commands ExtremeXOS to determine the node role election priority of each active node. Currently, the automatic priority algorithm chooses the master-capable node with the lowest slot number as master and the node with the second lowest slot number as backup. Extreme networks may alter this behavior in later releases.

If you have configured a node with automatic priority and if you have configured another node to use a node-pri value, the node with automatic priority uses zero as the node-priority value during the node role election.


To allow ExtremeXOS to determine node role election priority:

configure stacking priority automatic

To configure the node priority for the stackable in slot 4:

configure stacking slot 4 priority 50

To configure the automatic priority algorithm for the stackable with node address 00:04:96:26:6b:ed:

configure stacking node-address 00:04:96:26:6b:ed priority automatic


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 12.0.

Platform Availability

This command is available with all licenses and platforms that support the SummitStack feature. For information about which licenses and platforms support the SummitStack feature, see the Switch Engine 32.2 Feature License Requirements document.