tacacs-server source-interface

Use this command in Global Configuration mode to configure the source interface (Source IP address) for TACACS+ server configuration. The selected source-interface IP address is used for filling the IP header of management protocol packets. This allows security devices (firewalls) to identify the source packets coming from the specific switch.

If a source-interface is not specified, the primary IP address of the originating (outbound) interface is used as the source address.

Format tacacs-server source-interface {unit/slot/port| loopback loopback-id | vlan vlan-id}
Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
unit/slot/port The unit identifier assigned to the switch, in unit/slot/port format.
loopback-id The loopback interface. The range of the loopback ID is 0 to 7.
vlan-id Configures the VLAN interface to use as the source IP address. The range of the VLAN ID is 1 to 4093.

The following shows an example of the command.

(Config)#tacacs-server source-interface loopback 0
(Config)#tacacs-server source-interface 1/0/1
(Config)#no tacacs-server source-interface