show lldp local-device detail

Use this command to display detailed information about the LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) data a specific interface transmits.

Format show lldp local-device detail unit/slot/port
Mode Privileged EXEC
Interface The interface that sends the LLDPDU.
Chassis ID Subtype The type of identification used in the Chassis ID field.
Chassis ID The chassis of the local device.
Port ID Subtype The type of port on the local device.
Port ID The port number that transmitted the LLDPDU.
System Name The system name of the local device.
System Description Describes the local system by identifying the system name and versions of hardware, operating system, and networking software supported in the device.
Port Description Describes the port in an alpha-numeric format.
System Capabilities Supported The primary function(s) of the device.
System Capabilities Enabled Shows which of the supported system capabilities are enabled.
Management Address The type of address and the specific address the local LLDP agent uses to send and receive information.